WILDPARTY Girl Doll Camping Tent Set and Accessories

WILDPARTY Girl Doll Camping Tent Set and Accessories

WILDPARTY Girl Doll Camping Tent Set and Accessories

Are you ready for a camping adventure with your 18-inch girl doll? Look no further than the WILDPARTY Girl Doll Camping Tent Set and Accessories. This set has everything you need to create a realistic camping experience for your doll.

What’s Included?

Doll Clothes

The set includes a variety of doll clothes suitable for camping. Your doll can dress up in a cute camping outfit, complete with a hat and boots. The clothes are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit 18-inch girl dolls perfectly.

Doll Camping Tent

No camping trip is complete without a tent. The set includes a colorful and durable camping tent that is easy to assemble. Your doll can sleep comfortably inside the tent and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Sleeping Bag

Your doll will stay warm and cozy in the included sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is made from soft and comfortable fabric, ensuring a good night’s sleep for your doll.

Barbecue Set

What’s camping without a barbecue? The set includes a mini barbecue set, complete with a grill, utensils, and food accessories. Your doll can have a pretend barbecue party with her friends and enjoy delicious meals under the stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the set suitable for all 18-inch girl dolls?

Yes, the set is designed to fit all 18-inch girl dolls perfectly. Whether you have an American Girl doll or any other brand, the clothes and accessories will fit just right.

Is the camping tent easy to assemble?

Yes, the camping tent is designed for easy assembly. Simply follow the instructions included in the set, and you’ll have the tent ready in no time.

Can the doll clothes be washed?

Yes, the doll clothes can be washed. We recommend hand washing them with mild soap and cold water to ensure their longevity.


The WILDPARTY Girl Doll Camping Tent Set and Accessories is the perfect gift for any doll lover. With its high-quality clothes, durable camping tent, cozy sleeping bag, and fun barbecue set, your doll will have endless hours of imaginative play. Get ready for a camping adventure like no other!