VorspackClear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack

VorspackClear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack

VorspackClear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack


Are you tired of searching for a suitable clear backpack due to Bag Policy? Take it easy. we’ll get the job done! Our transparent backpack is completely usable for the college and workplace where requires security checks, because all aspects of the backpack are clear, all sides and views. It is easy to clean, you can just wipe it down with a towel.

Main Features

Thicker sturdy & heavy duty PVC material

Are you worried about spending extra money on backpacks that get torn or ripped easily? Put your heart at rest. The clear backpack is made of much thicker transparent PVC material than other products on the market to extend the product life. Vorspack thicker heavy-duty backpack can hold up everything you need for college or work. It won’t get cracked or ripped even after carrying the backpack full of stuff for a long haul!

Enhanced cross stitches

As a durable backpack, the great strong stitching will speak for itself! Please rest assured that our transparent backpacks with cross-stitched & padded wider straps can do their job. Furthermore, we keep our words to offer you 12 months of product assurance and we will always be here for you for any problems. Try me, and you’ll see the company standing on products that do worth value.



17 x 12 x 7.5 inches (H x L x W)


  • 1 large main double zipper compartment for binders, laptops, books, and more, with 1 small-size single zipper inside mesh pocket for phone, cash, cards, etc.
  • 1 front single zipper compartment for notepads, glasses, lunch containers and more, with 1 big and 3 small open mesh slots for pens, markers, keys, etc.
  • 2 side mesh pouches for water bottles or folding umbrellas


  • College
  • Workplace
  • Trip
  • Outdoor activities

Note: Not stadium approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the backpack waterproof?

No, the backpack is not waterproof. It is made of transparent PVC material which is water-resistant but not completely waterproof.

Can I fit a 15-inch laptop in the backpack?

Yes, the main compartment of the backpack is large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop along with other essentials.

Is the backpack suitable for air travel?

Yes, the backpack is suitable for air travel as it meets the requirements for carry-on luggage. However, it is always recommended to check with the airline for their specific regulations.

Thank you for choosing VorspackClear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack. We are confident that our backpack will meet your needs and provide you with the durability and functionality you require. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy travels!