TAMAGOTCHI 42903B2 Pix Blue – The Next Generation Virtual Pet

TAMAGOTCHI 42903B2 Pix Blue – The Next Generation Virtual Pet

TAMAGOTCHI 42903B2 Pix Blue – The Next Generation Virtual Pet


TAMAGOTCHI 42903B2 Pix Blue is the next generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet. With its new interactive color screen, built-in camera, and exciting features, it takes the Tamagotchi experience to a whole new level. This innovative virtual pet allows you to nurture and raise your Tamagotchi character, play games, connect with friends, and more.

Main Features

  • Interactive Color Screen: The Tamagotchi Pix comes with a vibrant color screen that enhances the visual experience of raising your virtual pet.
  • Built-in Camera: Capture special moments with your Tamagotchi character using the built-in camera. Take photos together and create lasting memories.
  • New Games: Enjoy 17 new games that allow you to earn Gotchi points and keep your Tamagotchi happy. Have fun while exploring different challenges.
  • Social and Customization Options: Connect with friends and send your Tamagotchi on playdates. Customize your items, cook for your character, bathe them, and make them feel loved.
  • Collect Multiple Characters: Raise multiple Tamagotchi characters with different traits and jobs. Discover how they grow and develop unique personalities.
  • Missions and Unlockable Features: Complete missions on Tamagotchi.com to unlock additional features for your Tamagotchi Pix. Keep exploring and discovering new surprises.

Recommended Age

The TAMAGOTCHI 42903B2 Pix Blue is recommended for ages 6 and above. It provides an engaging and educational experience for children while offering entertainment for all ages.

Power Requirements

The Tamagotchi Pix requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) to operate. Make sure to have them ready for uninterrupted fun with your virtual pet.

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