Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bag – The Ultimate Flood Water Barrier

Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bag – The Ultimate Flood Water Barrier

Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bag – The Ultimate Flood Water Barrier

Sandbags Filling Tips

When it comes to filling sandbags, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure maximum effectiveness:

  1. Fill sandbags 陆 to 鈪?full and tie the bag at the top (lay flat when in place). This sandbag should weigh between 35-40 lbs. An overfilled sandbag weighs between 60-75 lbs and will leave gaps which will allow water to seep through.
  2. Always wear gloves during filling operation to avoid hand injuries and protect from contaminants in sand and floodwater. Safety goggles should be used on dry and windy days. Filling sandbags is physically demanding work and can easily cause back and other injuries if not careful. Always lift with your legs and not your back. Do not reach out, bend over, or twist when lifting.
  3. Do not throw sandbags – it stresses the back and shoulders. Rather use a brigade line to pass bags.
  4. Use a short handled, #2 rounded point shovel with straight shaft and D grip, bagger scoop or funnel to fill sandbags.
  5. Remove any debris from the areas where the sandbags will be placed. After placing the sandbag, walk on sandbags to create a tight seal between each bag.

Fill Materials

Sandbaggy sandbags are built to withstand both gravel or sand. Gravel should be filled in sandbag when used as an erosion control device (on slopes). Sand should be filled for flood control needs, whether to protect doors or garage or to divert water.

Sandbaggy – A Mission Driven Company

Started by two brothers in a garage in Southern California in 2011, Sandbaggy has grown into a trusted provider of sandbags for the public works and fire departments in cities and counties across America. Ever wondered where your local city gets those ‘free sandbags’ they give out to everyone? Right here.

Our sandbags have been used in many natural disasters, including the aftermath of the wildfires in California and the hurricanes that hit Texas and the East Coast. We know that sandbags work. They can be the difference between returning to a flooded house or an undamaged house.

Why Choose Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bags?

There are several reasons why Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bags are the top choice for flood water barriers:

  • Widely Trusted: Trusted by many government agencies, landscapers/contractors, and nonprofits including the US Army and Red Cross. That’s why they are the #1 best-selling burlap sandbags on the Internet. Whether for hurricanes on the East Coast or flooding in the Midwest, Sandbaggy sandbags have been there every step of the way as the first and last line of defense for the homes and businesses of everyday Americans.
  • 100% Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: 100% naturally grown from jute plants — Sandbaggy Burlap Bags use no synthetic materials and naturally biodegrade. Zero clean-up. Zero carbon emissions. Zero trash in landfills.
  • Military Grade: With a double-stitched bottom and a 50 lb weight capacity, these Sandbaggy Sandbags are ready to be filled with gravel or sand. Wide 14-inch opening makes our sandbags easy to use & easy to fill.
  • Customers Love Them: “These are excellent sand bags. They’re tough,” says Phil O. “These are great biodegradable bags that are sturdy for the near-term installation work,” says JB. “Great value for great product,” says Shawn.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable and eco-friendly solution to protect your home and property from flooding, look no further than Sandbaggy Burlap Sand Bags. With their proven track record and trusted reputation, these sandbags are the ultimate flood water barrier. Don’t let water damage ruin your life – invest in Sandbaggy today!