REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder Oatmeal Chocolate Chip – Meal Replacement Protein Blend

REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip – Meal Replacement Protein Blend

REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip – Meal Replacement Protein Blend


REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder is a revolutionary meal replacement protein blend that offers a delicious and nutritious way to fuel your body. With its unique combination of MCT oil, whole foods, and premium ingredients, this protein powder is designed to aid in muscle recovery and support your overall wellness journey.

Whole Food Protein Shake Powder

REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder delivers a high protein, no whey, and delicious taste in every serving. This protein blend is carefully crafted to provide you with the nutrients your body needs, without compromising on flavor. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, this meal replacement powder is the perfect choice.

Premium Ingredients Backed By Science

Containing keto protein, amino acids, and MCT oils, REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder is formulated with premium ingredients that are backed by science. MCT oil, derived from coconut oil, is a source of healthy fats that can be efficiently used by the body as a source of energy. This low carb meal replacement shake is designed to provide you with sustained energy throughout the day.

Professional Grade Formula

REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder contains a high protein blend of beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice, and pea protein powders. Each serving of this meal replacement protein powder provides 530 calories, 47g of protein, and only 5g of sugar. This professional grade formula is designed to support your fitness goals and help you achieve optimal performance.

Variety of Flavors

We understand that taste is important when it comes to protein shakes. That’s why we have carefully crafted a variety of delicious flavors for you to choose from. Whether you prefer Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, or any other flavor, you can be sure that each shake is fulfilling, refreshing, and packed with nutrients. With REDCON1 MRE Protein Powder, you never have to sacrifice taste for performance.

Premium Formulated Products

REDCON1 is committed to creating only premium formulated high protein shakes. Our products have transparent supplement labels that are backed by science. We pack our protein powders with low carb and keto-friendly ingredients, such as MCT oils, 47g of protein, and they are whey-free for easier digestion. With REDCON1, you can trust that you’re fueling your body with the best.