Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts for GoPro – Black

Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts for GoPro – Black

Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts for GoPro – Black


The Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts for GoPro – Black are essential accessories for any GoPro enthusiast. These mounts offer a secure and reliable solution for attaching your GoPro camera to flat and curved surfaces, allowing you to capture stunning footage from unique angles.

Secure and Versatile Mounting

With the Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts, you can confidently attach your GoPro to a variety of surfaces. The flat mount is perfect for attaching your camera to smooth surfaces such as helmets, surfboards, or car dashboards. The curved mount, on the other hand, is designed to adhere to curved surfaces like helmets, handlebars, or even the body of a motorcycle.

Both mounts feature a strong adhesive backing that ensures a secure attachment, so you can focus on capturing your adventures without worrying about your camera falling off. The adhesive is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions.

Easy Installation

The Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts are incredibly easy to install. Simply clean the surface where you want to attach the mount, peel off the protective backing, and firmly press the mount onto the desired location. The adhesive will bond quickly, providing a reliable hold for your GoPro camera.

Additionally, these mounts are compatible with all GoPro models, ensuring that you can use them with your current camera or any future upgrades.

Wide Range of Applications

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie capturing extreme sports footage or a travel enthusiast documenting your adventures, the Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts are versatile accessories that will enhance your GoPro experience. Attach your camera to your bike, snowboard, kayak, or even your pet’s harness to capture unique perspectives and unforgettable moments.


The Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts for GoPro – Black are must-have accessories for any GoPro user. With their secure and versatile mounting options, easy installation process, and wide range of applications, these mounts provide the perfect solution for capturing incredible footage from various surfaces. Take your GoPro adventures to the next level with the Pro-Mounts Flat & Curved Mounts.