NICETOWN Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain Panels

NICETOWN Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain Panels

NICETOWN Bedroom Full Blackout Curtain Panels


No matter where you live, California, Texas or even Florida, if you have the annoying sunshine of torture and street noise, and need a completely dark and quiet sleep environment, choose our curtains – 3-in-1 blackout curtains with noise absorbing liner.

Different from other regular blackout curtains, NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Lined Curtains go beyond that mundane function and provide the best benefits.

Main Features

Fit Nicely

  • Package includes 2 panels blackout curtains
  • 1.6″ Grommet fits various standard or decorative curtain rod/pole
  • Due to grommet design, remember they narrow when you put them on a pole
  • Become shorter because of sewn into a 3-inch header with grommets
  • Particularly suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, baby room, villa, hall, and department, etc.


  • Draperies are thick enough to block out unwanted light and reduce some noise
  • Encouraging day sleepers and the ones who have trouble falling asleep have a good sleep
  • The detachable felt fabric liner is in the middle of the 3 layers
  • Maximum absorb the annoying noise and create a peaceful environment
  • Not only that but also make your resting zone truly blissful
  • Perfect for any home theater and supply you with the enjoyment of watching TV in real darkness
  • The sophisticated designs allow you to brighten your home decor, making your living space more lively
  • Protect your furniture, floors, and artwork from the ravages of the sun
  • Lined Grommet Curtains have kept the room much warmer in winter and also block a lot of heat during summer
  • Relieving the strain on home heating and cooling while reducing energy budget


  • Detach the felt liner before washing
  • Machine washable, recommended hand wash or dry cleaning
  • Wash the water temperature below 86°F
  • Advocate for the use of flexible detergents, no bleaching
  • Low-temperature ironing if necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many panels are included in the package?

A: The package includes 2 panels of blackout curtains.

Q: What is the size of each curtain panel?

A: Each curtain panel measures 52″ wide x 63″ long.

Q: Are these curtains suitable for day sleepers?

A: Yes, these curtains are thick enough to block out unwanted light, making them suitable for day sleepers.

Q: Can these curtains reduce noise?

A: Yes, the detachable felt fabric liner in the middle of the curtains helps absorb noise, creating a peaceful environment.

Q: Are these curtains energy-efficient?

A: Yes, the curtains provide thermal insulation, balancing room temperature and helping to reduce energy costs.

Ready Made: 2 panels per package. Each Curtain with 1.6″ diameter rings measures 52″ wide x 63″ long (Total width of 2 panels is 104″). 3 layers together: both sides as front and back are biscotti beige & 1 detachable felt fabric lining in the middle.

Noise Reducing: Detachable felt fabric liner in the middle which makes the effect of absorbing sound is 2.5 times higher than the ordinary curtains. So that minimize the effect of noise on you at any time. This is your home artist which is valued beyond cost.

100% Blackout: Curtains are made with 2 layers triple weave fabric and 1 layer detachable felt fabric liner. Thick enough to completely keep out the 100% SUNLIGHT and UV RAY. Offering you a real dark environment, a great choice for any room you would like to turn day into night.

Thermal Insulation: 3-in-1 curtains can balance room temperature by insulating against summer HEAT and winter CHILL meanwhile protect PRIVACY. Help you to reduce energy costs. No chemical coating, no formaldehyde, ECO-friendly, bring harmonious to your family.

Easy Care: Good quality finishing will withstand years of use. Detach the felt liner before machine wash. Machine washable and Wash the water temperature below 86°F. Mild detergent no bleaching. Low-temperature ironing.