Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player – Silver (Pack Of1)

Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player – Silver (Pack Of1)

Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player – Silver (Pack Of1)

Are you looking for the perfect home entertainment system that will bring joy to kids, adults, and the whole family? Look no further than the Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player. This high-definition karaoke player is not only easy to use but also provides endless fun for everyone.

Product Description

The MCI 6800TW is an Android-based High Definition Karaoke Player that provides ideal home entertainment for kids, adults, the whole family, and friends. The karaoke machine comes with two wireless microphones paired with a karaoke multimedia player for an easy-to-use and fun karaoke experience. It also has an external mic input allowing users to connect their own mics to the system. There are more than 22,000 songs in various languages, and users can easily search and download their own favorites from YouTube. Singers can record 50 songs, reserve a playlist of 100 songs, and mark up to 100 favorite songs.

The MCI 6800TW offers unparalleled connectivity and can easily interface with different devices via Bluetooth. Singers can connect to WiFi to stream videos on YouTube, play their favorite karaoke tracks, and sing along with them. They can also download the videos and record their voice while singing.

The MCI 6800TW is not limited to singing only; it can also be used for watching movies, TV shows, playing games downloaded from the Play Store, using Skype to connect with family and friends, browsing Facebook, and other social media applications.

Set Contains:

  • Karaoke Player
  • 2 Wireless Mics
  • Carry Bag
  • Songbook
  • Remote Control
  • HDMI Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • User Manual

Premium Karaoke Player with 2 Wireless Mics

The Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player comes with two wireless microphones, allowing users to sing duets or have fun karaoke battles with friends and family. The wireless mics provide freedom of movement and ensure a hassle-free karaoke experience.

Mulitple Connectivity Options incl WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth

The MCI 6800TW offers multiple connectivity options, including WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Users can easily connect their devices to the karaoke player and enjoy seamless streaming of videos, music, and karaoke tracks.

Downloads from YouTube, Song Recording and Live Scoring

With the MCI 6800TW, users can easily search and download their favorite songs from YouTube. Singers can also record their performances and even receive live scoring to improve their singing skills.

USB / SD Card Playback

The karaoke player supports USB and SD card playback, allowing users to easily access their favorite songs and media files. Simply plug in a USB drive or insert an SD card, and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Android based with Play Store Access

The MCI 6800TW is based on the Android operating system, giving users access to the Play Store. This means you can download and install various apps, games, and entertainment options to enhance your karaoke experience.

Singing is bonding

Singing brings people together and creates lasting memories. With the Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player, you can bond with your family and friends through the joy of singing and create unforgettable moments.

Singing Boost Confidence

Singing is not only fun but also a confidence booster. The MCI 6800TW allows you to showcase your singing talent and gain confidence in your abilities. Sing your heart out and let your voice shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect my own microphone to the karaoke player?

Yes, the MCI 6800TW has an external mic input that allows you to connect your own microphones to the system.

2. How many songs can I record on the karaoke player?

You can record up to 50 songs on the MCI 6800TW. Capture your best performances and listen to them later.

3. Can I download songs from YouTube?

Yes, the karaoke player allows you to search and download your favorite songs from YouTube. Sing along to your preferred tracks and have a great time.

4. Can I connect the karaoke player to my TV?

Yes, the MCI 6800TW can be easily connected to your TV via HDMI or RCA cables. Enjoy a larger display of lyrics and videos while singing.


The Mediacom Mci 6800Tw Mci 6800Tw Premium Android Karaoke Player is the ultimate home entertainment system for karaoke enthusiasts. With its easy-to-use interface, wireless microphones, and extensive song library, it guarantees hours of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re singing, watching movies, or playing games, this karaoke player has it all. Get ready to unleash your inner superstar and create unforgettable memories with the MCI 6800TW.