LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing – Product Description

LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing – Product Description

LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing


  • Material: Abs + Bold Steel Pipe + Baking Paint + Skin Friendly Fabric
  • Built-In 12 Music + Mp3 Play + Can Insert U Disk(Not Disk) + 1 Remote Controller + 1 Mat + 1 Pillow + 1 Mosquito Nets


  • Automatic Rocking Chair with Five Gears Adjustable
  • Timer Function for Automatic Shutdown
  • Large USB Port to Extend Memory
  • Anti-Skid Foot Pads for Stability


  • Safe and Non-Toxic ABS Material
  • Thick Steel Pipe for Baby’s Safety
  • Balanced Shake for Gentle and Comfortable Movement
  • Thickened Mattress with Good Breathability
  • Soft and Comfortable Pillow for Healthy Development
  • Protective Mosquito Nets to Keep Away Insects
  • Comfortable and Safe Puppets for Baby’s Development


Please check the product page description carefully to see if it meets your needs.

Within 3 months, the baby’s ambition is weaker, and it is easy to cry at the beginning. At the beginning, don’t turn on the electric motor, and need to adapt slowly.

Noise: The main engine is driven by gears. When shaking, there will be a sound of the clock moving.

The shaker cannot shake: When rocking, connect the fixing belt at the bottom of the bed; after installing the bed, the support must be fully extended; when swinging, it needs enough space to swing.

Safety and Secure

The LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing ensures the safety and security of your baby. It uses a pin fixing bracket for fast and reliable installation. The safe fixed belt prevents the baby from climbing out on their own. The soft anti-skid pad design increases friction with the ground, ensuring stability and safety during shaking. The swing remains stable when the bottom is fixed with a bed.

Intelligent Electronic Control Technology

The LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing features intelligent electronic control technology. It offers three gear swing angle adjustments and can be set to swing for 15, 30, or 45 minutes with automatic stop. This energy-saving swing operates on low voltage power supply and comes with a 2-meter USB cable. You can power it using a charger, computer, rechargeable treasure, or dry battery (no charge plug required).


The LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing provides a comfortable environment for your baby. With its three gear swing angle adjustments, the swing offers a uniform and gentle motion. It also features an MP3 plug function and a puzzle toy rack for added entertainment. The timing function allows you to set the swing duration, ensuring your baby feels safe, comfortable, and interested. The swing comes with a remote control with a range of 3-5 meters, allowing mothers to enjoy the fun of parent and child interaction. Suitable for newborn babies up to a maximum weight of 25KG, the swing’s folding bracket makes it easy to carry and store.

Protection and Training Functions

The LOYALHEARTDY Baby Cradle Swing includes high-density mosquito nets to protect your baby from mosquito bites. The thick shade cloth effectively resists direct light, providing a comfortable and safe sleep environment for your little one. The swing also features wonderful music or fairy tales to help your baby practice listening skills and enjoy beautiful melodies. The puzzle toy rack effectively exercises your baby’s vision and hand dexterity.