KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC – The Ultimate Choice for RC FPV Racing Drones

KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC – The Ultimate Choice for RC FPV Racing Drones

KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC – The Ultimate Choice for RC FPV Racing Drones


Welcome to the world of high-speed RC FPV racing drones! If you’re looking for an ESC that combines power, precision, and versatility, the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC is the perfect choice. Designed specifically for racing drones, this 4in1 ESC offers exceptional performance and reliability.

Main Features

  • Supports DShot300-600, Multishot, Oneshot, and PMW
  • Compact size: 30.5 * 30.5mm
  • High current handling capability: 60A
  • Brushless motor compatibility
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Easy to install and configure



  • Model: KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC
  • Size: 30.5 * 30.5mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Input Voltage: 2-6S LiPo


  • Continuous Current: 60A
  • Burst Current: 80A (10 seconds)
  • BEC Output: No
  • Firmware: BLHeli_S


  • Supported Motor Types: Brushless
  • Supported Protocols: DShot300-600, Multishot, Oneshot, PMW

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC with any racing drone?

Yes, the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC is compatible with most racing drones that support brushless motors. However, it is always recommended to check the specifications and compatibility of your drone before making a purchase.

2. What is the advantage of using DShot300-600, Multishot, Oneshot, or PMW protocols?

These protocols allow for faster communication between the flight controller and the ESC, resulting in improved responsiveness and smoother throttle control. They are essential for achieving optimal performance in FPV racing drones.

3. How do I install and configure the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC?

The KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC comes with detailed installation and configuration instructions. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult online resources or forums for additional assistance.

4. Does the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC have built-in heat dissipation mechanisms?

Yes, the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC is designed with efficient heat dissipation mechanisms to ensure optimal performance and prevent overheating during intense racing sessions.

Experience the thrill of speed and precision with the KOCAN 60A Brushless ESC. Upgrade your RC FPV racing drone today and take your racing skills to the next level!