Datalogic Dock for Memor 10 – Product Description

Datalogic Dock for Memor 10 – Product Description

Datalogic Dock for Memor 10

Enhance the functionality and convenience of your Memor 10 device with the Datalogic Dock. This single slot docking station is specifically designed for healthcare environments, featuring a sleek white color that complements the aesthetics of any medical setting.

Key Features

The Datalogic Dock for Memor 10 offers the following features:

Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Memor 10 device, this docking station provides a secure and reliable connection. Simply place your Memor 10 device into the dock to initiate charging and data synchronization.

Healthcare-Friendly Design

The white color of the dock is specifically chosen to match the cleanliness and professionalism of healthcare environments. It blends in seamlessly with other medical equipment, creating a cohesive and organized workspace.

Efficient Charging

The Datalogic Dock ensures that your Memor 10 device is always ready for use. With its efficient charging capabilities, you can quickly power up your device and eliminate downtime.

Data Synchronization

In addition to charging, the dock also enables data synchronization between the Memor 10 device and your computer or other devices. This allows for seamless transfer of important information, improving workflow efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Datalogic Dock compatible with other Datalogic devices?
  2. No, the Datalogic Dock is specifically designed for use with the Memor 10 device.

  3. Does the dock come with a power supply?
  4. No, the dock requires the power supply 94ACC0197, which needs to be purchased separately.

  5. Can the dock be used in non-healthcare environments?
  6. Yes, although designed for healthcare settings, the Datalogic Dock can be used in any environment where the Memor 10 device is utilized.


The Datalogic Dock for Memor 10 is the perfect accessory for healthcare professionals using the Memor 10 device. Its seamless integration, healthcare-friendly design, efficient charging, and data synchronization capabilities make it an essential tool for improving productivity and workflow efficiency. Upgrade your Memor 10 device today with the Datalogic Dock.