Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Kitchen Backsplash

Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Kitchen Backsplash

Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Kitchen Backsplash


The Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile is a revolutionary concept in mosaic sticker smart tiles. Made with an adhesive substrate topped with a gel component called PU resin, these embossed 3D tiles offer a stunning visual impact. They are thin, light, and can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any mess or specialized tools. Plus, they never crack with time.

Main Features

Easy DIY Installation

The Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry your wall.
  2. Overlap the tiles and grout lines, peel off the backing, and stick side by side for a seamless appearance.
  3. Press firmly after confirming the place.

With these easy steps, you can transform your kitchen backsplash or bathroom backsplash in no time.

High-Quality Material

The Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile is made of eco-friendly material that is resistant to heat and moisture. It is easy to wipe clean and remove stains, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom use.

Versatile Design

With a wide range of veracious collections, the Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile offers different styles to meet your taste. Whether you want a modern, classic, or eclectic look, these tiles have got you covered.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile is lightweight, easy to handle, cut, and maintain. Once installed, they will remain on your walls for as long as you wish them to be. They can also be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surfaces.

Heat and Humidity Resistant

Designed specifically for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes, these tiles are resistant to the heat of stovetops and the humidity of bathrooms. However, they should not directly contact flames, steam, or be submerged in water. It is also recommended to install them at least 16 inches away from the top of the stove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tiles be removed?

Yes, if you want to remove the tiles, you can use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive and pull softly starting with the corners. Then, use a cleaning product to remove the excess glue left by the peel and stick tiles.

How long is the curing period?

The curing period is 2 days after you install the tiles on your wall. For freshly painted walls, it is recommended to wait 21 days before installing the tiles.

Do the tiles have a strong smell?

The new arrived peel and stick wall tiles may have a little gel smell. However, the smell will dissipate within 2-3 days.


Transform your kitchen or bathroom with the Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile. With its easy DIY installation, high-quality material, and versatile design, these tiles offer a hassle-free way to upgrade your space. Say goodbye to messy installations and hello to a stunning visual impact. Get your Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile today!